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Vishwamitri water flood crisis, low lying area

Vadodara flood once more, Vishwamitri water penetrated the low lying area 

Water has spilled into the low lying area of ​​the city's Kalaghoda Bridge, 30 feet high. 

The stream Vishwamitri is flowing from the Standard Level of Ajwa Sarovar in the region of Vadodara city. The waterway Vishwamitri has arrived at a disturbing level as water is overflowing at 212.30 feet from the Ajwa lake. Water has infiltrated the lower spans of the stream Kalagoda Bridge, 30 feet below the city. See the superb automaton of the Vishwamitri waterway which flows through the lake today

The Kalaghoda bridge on the Vishwamitri stream was shut the previous evening when the waterway arrived at a risky level. 

As the outside of Vishwamitri in Vadodara is continually expanding, the lives of the individuals have been lost.

By and by the flood emergency is occurring on Vadodara at the hazardous level of the Vishwamitri waterway. At present, the water of Viswamitri has infiltrated into the Parashurama furnace in Sayajiganj area. Aside from this, the water of Vishwamitri has likewise penetrated the lower areas of Fateganj and Karelibagh city.

The perilous surface of the Vishwamitri Waterway is 26 feet, while the stream is right now flowing 30 feet. Individuals have moved to low lying areas because of the potential danger of flooding.
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